June 10, 2012

The Macjini Temple Wedding

Watched my second movie of the week last night, "What to Expect When You’re Expecting". The reviews weren’t great but because I have the book and been through 2 pregnancies I really wanted to watch it before its run ended and the boy obliged with a late night show at Vivo.

It wasn’t that bad, there were funny moments from the ensemble cast which included JLo, Cameron Diaz, Matthew Williamson, Chace Crawford etc. Chace was especially hot! Mmm, if I was 10 years younger I would have a major crush on him.

No time to sleep in despite the late night. The wedding festivities continued today with a temple ceremony at Perumal. Was all excited to wear a sari, borrowed Swana’s one that she wore to Kavi’s wedding, but sari and kids are not a good combination!

Still I managed with a lot of help from Wendy and Swana who did the carrying and toilet breaks! Nick had football training and didn’t attend.

Was afraid that Nat and Sasha would be freaked out by the loud music but thankfully they took it in their stride. I love Indian weddings, they are so colourful!

We watched the proceedings from afar but after a while I went to the front to take closer photos with Flea. We both had blue saris, so did Vim! Gigi, Sarah and Nat were also curious and joined me and Flea at the front for a better view.

Saj was radiant and glowing, Mac looked like he was having fun. I kinda regret not having a temple ceremony, I wonder how I would have looked like all dolled up? Hmm, maybe the 10th anniversary I could do something? Don’t think Nick would go for it though.

As soon as the thali-tying was over, we went downstairs to eat first before the crowds descended. During lunch, Sarah shared her bangles with Nat and Gigi who had bare wrists, such vainpots they are. Then we went back upstairs to wish the couple and take a group photo before disbanding.

In the evening, we went for evening mass at St Teresa’s followed by dinner at Jack’s Place in Great World. Gigi and Lita joined us, while the Dopes went for Mac & Saj’s after party.

1 down, 2 to go…June is really the month for weddings!

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