June 24, 2012

Melissa & Derong get hitched

Congratulations to Melissa and Derong who tied the knot today, or rather yesterday!

There was a church ceremony in the morning, followed by dinner. Nick was scheduled to play in a Father’s Day football tournament with his friends but Sasha was not well so he decided to stay home with her.

I brought Nat to the church wedding, she’s starting to get into weddings, says she wants to be a bride one day. Mark and Grace were there with baby Marie, she’s grown so much!

There was a cute sign in counter with Mr and Mrs Potato Head figurines and instead of signing a book or poster, there were Jenga blocks.

We caught a glimpse of Mel when she arrived as we were still loitering outside. She was gorgeous in her gown but that was our cue to get seated.

For some reason though, the ceremony didn’t start immediately. Everyone was ready and for close to 10 mins, Mel just waited at the entrance. But eventually she walked down to Canon’s Pachelbel and the ceremony progressed.

A few minutes into the ceremony, we saw the videocamera crew rushing in…so they had been waiting for them to arrive. Must have gotten lost, they got tekan-ed by the priest who was quite sarcastic about their tardiness. I’m sure they didn’t mean it, they were from Malaysia and probably unfamiliar with our roads.

I can just imagine how upset Mel must have felt, but at least Swana got a short video clip of her walking down the aisle.

The service was short and sweet, and it was a cozy group size, I think less than 100 present so a lot more personal and everyone got to take group shots with the couple before the lunch reception.

Food was from Angeli, same caterer I used for my wedding. The food was good, especially the dry mee siam, tau kwa pop, siew mai and carrot cake.

Raiden, Gigi and Nat had a ball running around the hall and Rachel channelled her maternal instincts by carrying Marie.

After leaving Nat to nap at Membina in the afternoon, Swana and I went to visit Aunty Sarda. Had a good chat with her, she was doing fine.

Went home to nap for a short while before getting ready for dinner. I have so many unused cocktail dresses, and decided on a colourful bubble dress I dubbed the ‘Thumbelina’ dress.

Before heading to Membina to drop Sasha, I popped by 110 to offer my condolences to Anjana, who left for Nepal today. She was very emotional, which got me teary-eyed. Found out it was Mr Saha’s birthday yesterday, he didn’t hold on long enough to see 65.

Dinner was at Jurong Country Club, it was my first time there. Relatively easy to find and the function room was quite nice, just like a hotel.

There was a roving photographer during the cocktail session and mini-prints were made available almost immediately. There were even props to jazz up the pictures.

We had a very good table, just along the aisle so I could snap the couple as they made their way in and then the 9-course dinner commenced.

Confession: I swiped the plastic flower that came with the cold dish, it was a battery-operated one that changes colour. Melissa, if the club charged you for it, please let me pay you back!

Overall the food was pretty good, there was scallops with broccoli, chilli crab sauce and mantou, cornflake prawns etc, but the standout was the ginseng chicken, it was sooooo tender and melted off the bones yet the ginseng flavour was very subtle.

Mel changed a couple of times, and we kaypohed by following her to the dressing room when she changed a second time. Classic moment captured on camera as her sister Melinda ‘struggled’ to lace the back of her gown. This image is from Merianne’s phone. Too funny!

After the wedding, 10 of us headed down to New Asia for some drinks. Kevin bought 2 bottles of champagne for the ladies but we struggled to finish it. Music wasn’t so bad when we arrived but got boring after a while so I didn’t dance at all! Really getting old and boring!

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