June 11, 2012

Nat's first movie

It's a month of firsts for Nat as today she had her first cinema experience.

Been waiting for the right movie to come along after she turned 3.5 and missed a couple of bubba outings for various reasons so Madagascar 3 became her first movie in the theater. She's quite a scaredy cat when it comes to the dark but for some reason she was not nervous in any way, she and Gigi were so excited before the movie started.

She opted to use the booster seats provided by GV at Great World and once the movie started, she was riveted. Had to 'shush' her a couple of times because she was talking and laughing out loud. Other than that, she didn't fuss in any way and we were able to watch the movie in peace, whilst munching on cheese popcorn from Garrett's.

The movie itself was short and sweet, I didn't find it as funny as the previous ones but the kids enjoyed themselves and that's all that matters! Can't wait to bring her for another movie!

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