June 8, 2012

Nat's first play

Swana and I brought Nat and Gigi for their very first theatre play today and they loved it! There’s an ACE Children’s Festival going on and from all the productions, I chose “The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark” because I thought it was something Nat could relate to.

The show was at the Alliance Francais and I took half day leave. The tickets were with me and I ended up being late to meet them, blame the 101 traffic lights the taxi stopped at.

Nonetheless I still got there before the show started but the kids missed out on interacting with the cast beforehand. We did have one member in our seat when we got in, she was already in character and she introduced herself to Nat before climbing onto the next row.

The production was by the Blunder Bus company from London and there were 3 actors. The story is based on a children’s book of the same title, about Plop a baby barn owl who overcomes his fear of the dark through s series of adventures, learning that the dark is exciting, kind and fun.

It was told through a combination of role playing, live music, puppetry and storytelling and it was a hoot! Pun intended!

The show was just about an hour long and very interactive, with the cast running into the audience several times and picking on people to act out certain roles. They also sprayed us with water and threw fake furry balls of owl poop at us.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and more importantly behaved themselves, so I think they are ready for more such productions.

Afterwards we took short MRT ride to Orchard and had a bite at TCC, Wisma. I shared some bolognaise with Gigi and Nat had some cheese sticks. Then we browsed Tory Burch, Forever New, Dorothy Perkins, Cotton On and Gap.

It was a little hard to shop in peace with them but we still managed to buy stuff. Am so going to get myself a pair of Tory Burch Reva flats, tried the 7 but need to go back and see if they have half sizes.

At Forever New, the girls started trying on accessories and admiring themselves in the mirror. Such vainpots! We had to buy them some cheap accessories at Cotton On.

I felt cheated at Gap, I had just purchased some stuff yesterday at 30% + 20%, only for there to be further markdowns to 50% today. The only consolation was that Wisma didn’t have all the DVF for Gap stuff.

Last stop was Wheelock. There was a dress I saw at M&S last month and I thought I would wait till it went on sale but it’s the sale period now and it’s not included so I caved and bought it. A smocked blue and white floral affair.

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