June 2, 2012

New beginnings

Yesterday marked the launch of a new rebranded Misys, after we were recently acquired by a private equity firm called Vista. They have merged us with one of their recent purchases Turaz and the transformation has been nothing short of extraordinary given the very tight timelines they had to work with.

We have been delisted from the London Stock Exchange and we are now private, and we have a new logo and website too. Our new colleagues from Turaz came over for the launch that we watched via video conference, I helped to prepare new banners and order food for the occasion.

We had our D&D later in the evening, the theme was POP Party and I helped to do all the invites and backdrops even though I’m not in the committee.

Just the day before I found a tee with Elvis on it at H&M, so I decided to just wear that and channel my inner Posh Spice. There was a ‘real’ Elvis at the party, as well as Prince, Michael Jackson, will.i.am, Bob Marley, JLo, Slash, Beyonce, Axl Rose etc.

The venue was KBox at Cineleisure and we had a decent turnout. Due to lack of budgets, everything was pretty much done in-house as we couldn’t even afford an emcee. Correction, the company can well afford it, but there’s not much budget allocated to social events.

Being a karaoke venue, there was plenty of singing, including a talent contest called M Factor. Some of the guys got pretty drunk and hogged the mikes, something about alcohol making them think they can sing!

I was pretty amused throughout the evening staying till 4am, observing from a distance some of the flirtations going on between people I know who are married or in relationships. Nothing indecent, just dancing exclusively together, holding hands, heads on shoulders, hugging…blame it on the beer!

I got dragged onto the dancefloor by a French colleague who kept playing with my shawl, but he’s just a little boy really.

Another one came over to chat at one point with a confession of how he was only telling me stuff because he was drunk and had the courage because we’ve never spoken otherwise.

Don’t worry, it was nothing romantic, just professing an admiration for my sense of style and how tastefully dressed I am to work and that he loved my outfits. And no he’s not gay, I’ve seen him with a girl in our lobby.

He’s a snappy dresser himself, some people call him Superman because he has a Clarke Kent quality about him. Glasses, dark hair and I’m guessing probably a 6-pack but he’s not as geeky as he looks. Caught a glimpse of his tattoo as he changed earlier in the office…nice bod from the back, heh heh! Oh, and he was a really good dancer with breakdance moves so I was quite impressed by his hidden talent.

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