June 14, 2012


Had dinner with Puni, Kannaki and Chris this evening and since the stated preference was ang moh food, I suggested Peperoni Pizzeria. It’s been on my list of places to try and since the girls didn’t have anywhere specific in mind, I went ahead to reserve a space at Zion Road.

We took ages deciding what to order, mainly because we were catching up first but eventually we decided on sharing calamari, 3 pastas and a pizza. For the pizza we mixed parma ham with rocket, as well as a pepperoni garlic concoction.

The pastas we had were prawn risotto, amatriciana, and chicken & mushroom with a brown sauce. Portions were pretty healthy, we had trouble finishing. The risotto was not too bad, I would order it again if I went there. There were like 7-8 prawns and zucchini, my favourite.

The amatriciana was very sweet, very easy to get jelak. The chicken and mushroom in brown sauce was interesting, almost like eating with mash potato gravy. The chicken chunks were too big too, would have preferred them shredded.

For dessert we shared a warm almond cake and tiramisu. The tiramisu was a large portion and had a kick. We spent the evening chatting away about motherhood, labour, maids, pets etc till the restaurant closed but they didn’t kick us out because we were outdoors anyway.

Chris’ house will be ready soon, she has a job at the Dyslexic Association school too. Kannaki’s trying for a baby so we hope to have good news soon. I hitched a ride home in Puni’s BMW, nice!

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