June 2, 2012

Pool party

I got back so late from my D&D this morning, and had it not been for Jane calling my phone, I would have slept through the morning!

Had promised to bring the kids swimming at Rena’s but the weather was cloudy at my end, though Rena said it was clearing in her district. Decided not to let the kids swim in the gloomy weather but brought their stuff just in case.

When we got to Novena, the sun was shining and at first we thought we would get away with the girls just dipping their feet and splashing water with their hands but realistically I knew they wouldn’t stay dry for long so I changed them and off they went into the water.

Sasha was loving it and didn’t want to come out, Nat was a ‘fraidy cat and only felt more confident after putting on arm floats.

The boys, Joshua, Gabriel and Rayhan were naturals and played on their own, shooting water guns with Aunty Germaine. The twit evilly squirted the rest of us too, resulting in a very wet me, who had not brought extra clothes!

Jane and Albert appeared midway with Ethan but he was very shy and took a while to warm up. At one point when I sprayed water at him, he looked like he was going to cry!

After an hour or so, we went back up to the house to shower and change the kids. Nick bought chicken rice for everyone and the kids knocked out on the way home.

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