June 26, 2012

The road is long

I just got back from visiting Aunty Sarda not long ago. She was in the midst of dinner, managing to feed herself but I think the op took a toll on her because she had to rest a fair bit in between bites, caught her dozing off a couple of times.

She will be in ICU for at least one more night, she could recognise people but could not verbalise what was on her mind but I think it should improve once the swelling goes down. At one point she kept pointing to her pillow and saying ‘Listen to here’ but I didn’t know what she wanted till I figured she wanted to move her pillow down.

I think essentially she is recovering well, doesn't complain of any pain but I sense her frustration at her current state of helplessness. At this point all she wants to do is rest as much as possible, so I think she will only be up for visitors from Thursday or Friday onwards.

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