June 1, 2012

Sasha at 26 months

When Nat was 26months, she had become big sister to Sasha. She was still a baby herself and suddenly had to share her parents with a tiny blob.

I can’t imagine Sasha as a big sister although now at 26months herself, she is quite motherly with all her dolls. She wraps them up in blankets, pretends to feed them and pats them to sleep.

On the flip side, she’s still as fierce as ever, sometimes hogging a tune by not letting me sing along with her i.e., “I sing I sing, you don’t sing”. And when you ask her what’s her name, she says ‘Natasha Sonali Lim, tiger, monkey!’ She has stopped calling her sister ‘Nat-Nat’ and refers to her as ‘Natalie’ instead…so grown up.

Ironically despite her temper, she lets Nat bully her. The big sister is always threatening to take Molly the doll from Sasha if Sasha doesn’t give her she wants. This happens on a daily basis and Sasha will quickly cave. Gigi gangs up with Nat sometimes too.

I’ve lost count of how many times she’s bumped her head, she can accidentally walk into the door frame out of the blue even if it was in her line of vision.

She’s had numerous bruises and scrapes, the thing is that when she has a scab or bite, she doesn’t like to leave it alone. Whenever the skin is rough, she will peel and scratch causing it to bleed or till the raw skin is exposed.

She deliberately calls me and Aunty Sarda ‘Lady Gaga’ and will keep saying ‘Ah-doy’, something she picked up from Nani. She loves to show her ballerina twirl, she will cross her ankles then raise her arms and spin. She can sing a few Chinese songs, her pronunciation is better than Nat’s.

Potty training for Sasha has just begun after she successfully pooped in the potty a couple of times. She’s wearing training pants during the day and Wendy will ask if she wants to pee every 30-45 mins. There’ve been a couple of accidents on the floor but I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

We have a new thing, I will rub noses with her on a daily basis and I call it the ‘nose kiss’. Her current weight is 12.7k and her height is 88cm.

I found that ever since we came back from Holland, she’s a bit less resistant to my affections, looking less for Wendy even when I’m around and doesn’t put up a fuss when I put her to sleep. She’ll sing a song that Nat and Gigi learnt in school for Mother’s Day and it melts my heart whenever she does that. Here are the words and the envelope Nat made in school.

Nat is 14.7kg at 4yrs 4 months and her height is 102cm. Unfortunately she’s still peeing very frequently, if we’re lucky the interval is 60-90 mins.

Sometimes it’s still 20 mins but in the absence of other symptoms, another doctor has concluded/suggested that it’s attention-seeking behaviour because she knows it’s making her daddy anxious.

She’ll say things like ‘If you carry me, I won’t pee’ or she’ll threaten to pee on the floor so I am inclined to agree that it’s attention seeking behaviour. So I’ll just treat it as a phase she is going through and hope by next month she’ll have gotten over it.

When she had her UTI, I had to ask Wendy to hide all the leggings and tight clothes because she doesn’t like loose clothes.

Her Chinese is still quite half past six, ask them when they come back from school what they learnt and they will say nothing! Gigi also pronounces better than her.

I have to admit I am quite slack in teaching her how to read, we haven’t learnt any new words so will have to make up for lost time during the holidays by teaching her 3 new words a day from their storybooks. Their current favourite bedtime story is ‘Baba Yaga the Flying Witch’.

Sasha and Nat both love to sing along to One Direction’s ‘One Thing’ and ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. They can sing the chorus though it sounds slightly massacred but they’re just too cute when they bop around to it. Also, they like Fun’s ‘We Are Young’ and will sing at the top of their voices, off key!

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