June 20, 2012

Tumour be gone!

Was on leave yesterday, hoping to catch Aunty Sarda’s doctor to see what the next steps are. Luckily enough, I happened to be around when he popped by and he showed me her MRI scans. Swana had met him on Monday and mentioned he was cute, but the picture she sent didn’t do him justice because he was cute in a goofy boyish way!

Anyway,here's an update on Aunty Sarda:

The tumour is in the left upper side of her brain, about 4cm in diameter and it's swelling/pressing onto the right side of her brain too.

The recommended course of action is to remove it and tentatively the surgery is scheduled for next Monday morning. They won't be able to tell conclusively without a biopsy if it's cancerous but said if they were to remove a tissue sample for testing, they might as well remove the whole thing. But based on the shape, the likelihood is that it is cancerous.

The location is a little tricky, they hope to remove the whole tumour if possible, but if it's too attached to certain sensitive spots, they will cut as much as they can and might have to leave a little in. Hopefully they can pry it off. Post-surgery, there might be chemotherapy or radiation involved once tests confirm whether malignant or benign.

Still awaiting results on whether there are other tumours in the rest of her body, that might impact any decision on the surgery, but for the moment Aunty Sarda herself has decided she wants to operate. Whether she fully comprehends the severity of the situation is another matter!

She's already getting very forgetful, loses her train of thought easily and doesn't remember names, though it's slightly better than when she was first admitted. But she's in good spirits and taking everything well.

The current steroid medication to reduce swelling can only help so much, eventually it's going to get bigger and impact her quality of life e.g. the risk of stroke, loss of mobility, impair speech, possibly even a coma. Naturally there are risks associated with surgery on this part of the body, at least a 5% chance of haemorrhaging, stroke, infection etc. Also she may not be completely back to her normal self after this, but we can only hope and pray.

Good thing I was on leave today anyway, Sasha started showing symptoms of food poisoning yesterday afternoon and so did Gigi. They had to delay their earlier-planned trip to KL for half a day while she stabilised.

Poor bub was vomiting and pooping a lot, they brought her to KK early yesterday morning. Sasha vomited twice and had a high fever all night, up to 39.8. We blame the ma ko kueh from Bengawan Solo!

On a sad note, Mr Saha passed away this afternoon after succumbing to pneumonia and multiple-organ failure. His death made the Nepalese news because he was a public figure of sorts. RIP…

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