June 25, 2012

Umpteenth trip to KK

School reopened today but my daughter had to ponteng because it’s now her turn to be down with stomach flu, after Sasha had it last week.

Spent several hours at KK yesterday because Nick didn’t want to leave anything to chance after she was vomiting non-stop for 2 hours.

Same old routine/treatment while being observed at KK – anti-vomiting meds administered followed by 30ml of liquid every 15 mins for 1 hour, no dairy for the next few days, plus paracetamol if there is fever.

We could have done it at home but he’s too impatient. Anyway, Nat felt better at the hospital after a while and could dance and sing.

Sasha just had a fall, my poor poor pumpkin ran after her shower while wrapped in her towel and slipped and hit her head on the floor. Just because she was screaming her head off he wanted to go to the hospital without first waiting to check for signs of concussion.

But I made him wait till she calmed down and there doesn’t seem to be any ill effects. At least I pray not. I seriously need to get her a helmet.

Today was Aunty Sarda’s surgery. I couldn’t visit her yesterday because of Nat and today I didn’t go because she would be very groggy.

It went as desired, according to the doctors. Swana overheard them telling her she did well. The tissue sample has been sent for formal testing but the doc says the shape is highly indicative of an aggressive malignant tumour.

She's resting in the ICU and will be transferred back to her ward within a few days if there are no complications. I for one am relieved that at least the surgery was successful and we all look forward to her recovery and discharge.

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