June 13, 2012

A walk in the parks

Me and the boy were on leave today to spend some time with the bubs during the school holidays.

The zoo was on the cards but we got lazy and decided to just go to East Coast for breakfast followed by Botanics for lunch.

I was all set for a KFC breakfast only to discover they open at 11 am on weekdays. We ended up at Carl's Junior where breakfast was still available. Their bacon and egg burrito is not too bad.

After breakfast, Nat played with the sand for a bit, while Sasha refused to walk on it and insisted on being carried. National Day rehearsals have started and we saw the fighter jets flying past, and the helicopter with the state flag in the distance.

A lady noticed me and Sasha on a bench and struck up a conversation. She was waiting for her son who was attending Chiltern House. She was curious as to how old Sasha was, and when I told her she said Sasha was tall and spoke well and clear.

We talked a little bit about plans for Primary 1 and then I had to run when Nat started crying due to 'injury'. Miss Drama Queen was complaining her foot hurt, she had some scratches that stung after touching sea water. Seriously need to toughen her up!

Anyway, we went to pick Gigi and Lita and next stop was Botanics. Though it was close to 12pm and the sun was hot, there was plenty of shade in the gardens and when the clouds blocked the sun, it was relatively cool.

Kids got to see a squirrel playing with a ball, they fed the fish, we saw a baby monitor lizard, lots of pretty butterflies and dragonflies. Wendy even caught one.

Walked one round around Swan Lake so we could find the swans who were hiding and then we headed to Food for Thought for lunch and playground time. Simple pleasures...

In the evening, we took the kids to Marina Square to see the Madagascar meet and greet. The show was disappointing though, only 15 mins and limited characters.

Got to say hi to Joanne, Tarek and Ray who were having lunch there. Poor Ray was a little quiet but he was feeling under the weather. Still he could muster a smile when the kids posed for a picture.

Gigi then decided to cam-whore in the Puma store, she fell in love with one of the mannequins and struck so many funny poses.

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