June 30, 2012

West Coast and a Wedding

It had been a while since we’d visited West Coast Park so we took the girls there this morning.

It seemed a lot more crowded compared to 2 years ago, I think more families have discovered the place, plus there are more housing developments in the vicinity.

But still, there was sufficient playground space for all, and while Nick minded Nat, I watched over Sasha while munching on my hash browns.

She hoarded a seat within a fire engine truck, not giving others a chance to try driving it despite me reminding her to let others have a chance. After a while I went to hide in a bid to make her look for me and vacate her seat, and it worked because I heard her calling for Mummy in a teary voice.

We then went to see what Nick and Nat were up to, Nat was having a ball on the zip line while Nickypoo worked up a sweat pushing her along. Then we tried these rubber hammock swing things, there is some very fun equipment at West Coast!

When we got home, I decided to make gingerbread men with Nat, she helped me roll the dough, cut out the shapes and stick the buttons on the cookies. She even made an Indian gingerbread man by adding a pottu!

In the evening, Nick brought them over to Membina to play with the cousins while I popped by SGH to visit Aunty Sarda. Valembal, Aunty Susi and Ma were there, Swana and Kaelash popped by too.

The bandage had been removed from Aunty Sarda’s head and her scar was exposed, there was a long line of staples from the middle of her head to the ear. Ouch!

Then I rushed home to get ready for my ex-colleague’s wedding at Goodwood. She had planned a movie themed nite. I didn’t dress up in any character but a lot of her other friends did! There were superheroes, a Journey to the West cast, Cleopatras, Elvis etc. It was quite funny, felt like a D&D!

Serene was of course very radiant, her gown was very princessy which is unlike her, because at work she was quite tomboyish, always in pants.

Dinner started promptly at 8pm, one of the earliest dinners I’ve sat through by Chinese standards! By 8.45pm, we were on the 4th course!

The couple dressed to the theme for their second walk in, the groom Basil dressed as a gladiator or Spartan warrior, while Serene was like a Greek goddess. You can tell these two don’t take themselves very seriously.

But it was a really fun wedding, Basil made a touching and funny speech to his parents and Serene. You can sense how much he loves her, awwww. Even their wedding photoshoot had a series of funny shots and their montage was cute. Must get the contact of the studio she used.

Dessert was not the usual orh nee, but mini Haagen Dazs ice cream cakes. Very pretty!

My colleague Wee Ngee offered to send me home and I hitched a ride in his Saab lime green convertible and he obliged my request to lower the roof. So it was my first ever ‘topless’ ride, surprisingly quiet, didn’t hear the street noise or feel the dust at all!

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