July 7, 2012

AP's 60th Birthday Surprise

The boy woke up feeling unwell but still insisted on taking the kids out for some fun in the sun as he had to work the rest of the day.

We drove to East Coast and rented a 4-wheel bike…not cheap, $30 for 1 hr! The kids sat in front and enjoyed the view while the parents were like rickshaw riders!

It was really hard to pedal, my thighs were aching after just 1 minute but the kids had fun. We stopped at a pond to see some fish and it started drizzling at one point, so we hustled to a shelter till the cloud passed before returning the bike.

Took away lunch from Burger King and Nat fell asleep when we got home. Decided to skip Chinese class after we heard Gigi was sick…those two cannot be independent of each other!

In the evening, I made my way to Mischa’s house where a surprise birthday party had been planned for Adrienne’s 60th! We were instructed to arrive by 6.30pm but I underestimated my travel time and was the last to reach at 6.39pm!

Cheryl, ex-SES was there too, such a pleasant surprise to see her…she looks exactly the same, hasn’t aged a bit and her hair is still worn the same way after all these years!

Terh Ling and I shared a pressie for AP, we got her 60 Ferrero Roches and a book called Words that Matter, a collection of quotes from O Magazine. Part 2 of her present had not arrived yet, so will deliver that once it’s in…I ordered something from the UK.

It was a highly excitable bunch in the house, I must say Mischa’s house is very nicely done and huge! A 5A corner flat, so spacious.

We kept getting updates on AP’s whereabouts and I went to chat with Caitlin for a bit. She showed me her Care Bears and her room. Pepper the dog hopped onto my lap at one point and got a nice little massage from me, I think she likes me!

As 7pm approached, we got wind that AP was on the way. Mischa kept a lookout at the window and then the moment arrived when AP rang at the door. The story to her was that her granddaughters wanted to put on a performance for her before a family dinner so she had to stop by the house first.

She got a shock when she was greeted with ‘Surprise!’ Haha, we got her, although she claims she had a hunch something was up. It took her a while to settle down and greet all her guests.

Food was mama…biryani and chicken masala, cutlets etc, yums! I had 2 helpings.

Mischa and Noelle prepared a video montage of all her old and current photos, it brought tears to my eyes, I’m such a sentimental fool! The funniest bit was a short video clip exposing all her Cliff Richard mementoes by Noelle, he’s the other man in her life!

It was a really fun party, and I’m glad I got to be a part of it. Terh Ling and co gave me a lift home and I reached by 9.45 pm to find everyone in bed already. We were supposed to have a part two for Colin’s birthday drinks but had to cancel as the boy wasn’t feeling any better.

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