July 8, 2012

Bus-sing to Suntec

My poor suaku children are so deprived of taking public transport that they get so excited whenever they have the opportunity to ride the bus or train. We had dinner at AMK this evening and as Nick had to work at a travel fair in Suntec, I brought the girls there by bus to meet him first.

Luckily for me and Nat, the front seat on the upper deck of 196 was available for us to admire the view. It was a nice sunny day and the sky was really blue. I was very distracted though by the hairy mole of the passenger next to me!

A surprise awaited us when we reached Suntec, Joanne and Ray had popped by the Travel Corporation booth to say hi too. And Joanne was in a navy striped dress, just like Nat and Sasha!

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