July 26, 2012

Detective me

Had dinner with Serene and Phyllis this evening at Suntec, the place is undergoing major renovation, I think some of the shops are bleeding from the lack of traffic.

We ate at MOF Izakaya, I was feeling under the weather and opted for a tempura udon. There’s a lot of variety on the menu though, wouldn’t mind going back.

Anyway, I was complaining to them about the spate of thefts in the office, of which yours truly is a victim. For me, it started last month, my Vera Bradley lunch wristlet disappeared from my drawer at work and I treated it as a one-off, thinking perhaps I left it in the loo or brought it home but no, I remember the drawer being the last place I saw it.

I didn’t report anything then but I did inform a couple of friends and my boss.

Then yesterday, I noticed a red Zara sweater that’s been lying on my chair for a few weeks missing and that made me see red! I decided to inform HR and check if anybody else had been victimised but apparently not. But later in the afternoon, word got around of my case and other victims came forth with accounts of what they had lost, i.e. cosmetic bags, wristlets, jackets and cash.

As I was commiserating with Phyllis on Skype (she had a bag of clothes taken before she quit), she described one of the items she lost and then it occurred to me that I had seen someone wearing the exact top last week and that person became my prime suspect.

I could be wrong, it could be coincidence but what are the odds? This person is known to love clothes and shoes and would be able to fit into our stuff, so maybe we have a kleptomaniac on our hands.

She claims to be a victim too, losing money her bosses had handed her to keep for their takeaway lunches but my question is, if one had $100 stolen at work, one would inform HR no? But I was the first one to report anything missing so while I don’t want to wrongly accuse anyone of theft, I am not convinced this person is entirely innocent but I need proof.

Time to start playing detective!

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