July 16, 2012


Alicia has been in town with Zena for almost a week and can you believe today (yesterday!) is the first time we met during this trip? Didn’t help that Sasha had her viral fever and Zena sleeps at 7!

Made it a point to catch them today and brought Nat to Vivo after Gigi and Zena had fun at SingKids. Ate lunch at the Food Republic, Zena is a pie! She was napping at first but once she woke up for lunch, she was feeding herself, albeit messily…but still we were hinting at Gigi and Nat about how they ought to start.

I gave her a small pressie of a puzzle and sunglasses, she looked good in them!

Took a walk on the rooftop, the sky was really dark with rain threatening but we snapped some pictures first, Zena was taken with the sculpture of a man doing pull-ups while Gigi and Nat cam-whored.

Zena was also very taken with Kevin, seeking him out and holding his hand and reluctant to part when it was time to go home. So sweet!

Bought a present for Raiden, then headed to his party in Aloha Changi after a pit stop at Membina. Nat who has been pretending to be ‘Aunty Melissa the bride’ came face to face with the real thing, and Mel was really amused to hear of Nat and Gigi’s exploits pretending to be her and Derong.

Walked on the boardwalk for a bit, showing the kids the aeroplanes landing and then it was time for party games, but Nat and Gigi sat them out because the other kids were older. The games were fun to watch though, they did a very fast round of musical chairs, balloon stomping and some mother hen/chick thing.

Cake was a Transformers one from Bengawan, but lychee flavoured, yum!

After settling the kids home, Swana and I still had energy to meet with Alicia at her folks’ place before heading out for some supper. Ended up at the 24-hr Coffee Club in Orchard where we had some potato skins, cottage pie, crayfish laksa and bolognaise tortillas.

Finally we could catch up properly!

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