July 1, 2012

Flower power

We were ready earlier today to attend mass at the Cathedral, and thereafter I managed to persuade Nickypoo to drive to Thomson so I could buy some flowers at Far East Flora.

My intention was to make an arrangement for Aunty Sarda, something I had been meaning to bring to her ward. Also Mildred had been wanting the kids to visit the cold room and show them the fresh flowers so I did it on her behalf.

Nat wasn’t too impressed so I quickly browsed and got a bunch of eustomas and purple roses. The roses were wrapped individually in netting, I didn’t know they would ‘burst’ open as soon as they were set free! I thought they would remain bud-like for at least a couple of days.

I saw some really pretty rainbow roses, but they were so expensive at $50 for 10. I wouldn’t mind receiving them though!

We had lunch at Novena Square 2, first time at the food court and bought some cheap bacon from MMM, a frozen meat and marinade shop.

During lunch I found out Aunty Sarda was being discharged so before we headed to AMK for dinner, we popped by Membina to deliver her flowers, she loved them! There was enough to make 2 arrangements so I kept one at home.

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