July 1, 2012

L’enfant Terrible

At 27 months, Sasha is well into her Terrible Twos! Everyday now, she has some kind of tantrum, screaming her head off when she doesn’t get her way or stamping/kicking her feet while sitting down, refusing to budge when someone tries to distract or explain something to her.

She will turn away when angry and fling her hands and say, “I DON’T WANT!’. No point trying to reason with her when she’s in this kind of mood, in fact half the time instead of being angry at her, I am amused because she’s just so darned cute when she’s annoyed and grumpy. Kevin calls her Grumpy Bear more and more these days.

She’s also facing a lot of stranger anxiety with selected people, mostly middle-aged Indian aunties plus Baba and Germaine.

The good thing about this past month is that she’s well off the diapers during the day, peeing every hour or so into the potty. Though she wears diapers when we go out sometimes, she’ll prefer to pee in a potty and she doesn’t wear diapers during daytime naps too.

At night she was initially trying to stay dry but I think she’s still a bit young to wake up on her own so the diapers remain. But in the space of a month, we’ve gone from 5 diapers a day to just 1.

She’s a big fan of jigsaw puzzles, progressing from 9pc ones to 40 pc and sometimes even 60+. At her age, I think that is impressive, but she understands the concept and will do the sides first then match colours. She does the same puzzles over and over again, and on a daily basis too.

She’s had a couple of falls this month, once rolling off Nat’s bed in her sleep but she didn’t cry much then, but a week later she fell and hit her head on the floor after running wrapped up in a towel. Ouch. I’ve gone ahead to buy her a protective helmet online, called a ‘ThudGuard’, hope it arrives soon!

She had a bout of food poisoning towards the end of June, same time as Gigi, She didn’t have very severe symptoms though, a bit of diarrhoea and vomiting but it stopped after a couple of days though she remained gassy for a few more days. She was eating very slowly at one point but that’s back to normal.

She’s a cheeky monkey, walking around sticking her tongue out and calling herself a lizard. Or she will say she lives in the jungle because she is a tiger and naughty. She has a habit of lifting her dress now and wrapping it around herself.

Meanwhile, Nat is turning into an American teenager! She and Gigi watch so much Hi 5 that they’ve started picking up on the lingo, going, “Awww’ when denied something. She says ‘Thanks Mom’ or ‘Okay Mom’ with a slang.

I think all little girls go through a phase where they want to be like their mummies and Nat is no different. She’ll steal my moisturiser from my palm, carry my LV bag like a tai tai and try to walk in my heels. She’ll compliment my dressing and get excited when she has new dresses. After attending a couple of weddings in June, her ambition now is to be a bride!

I’m really slack on her reading, she knows her phonics in terms of alphabet sounds but she’s not applying it when she is given simple words. ‘PUP’ becomes ‘DOWN’ because she’s just hantaming!

Because I only get to read to her at bedtime on weekdays, she’s too tired to focus on what I am saying so I’m going to have to make an effort to catch her at breakfast and read simple sentences. She can recognise a few more words and read a short 3 word sentence if it’s made up of words she already knows, so some progress I guess.

Every night we are kicked out of our own bed. Nick sleeps on the sofa most nights with me taking both kids on our queen bed.

Alternatively he will sleep on the bed with Nat, while Sasha and me use the spare room, she on the floor, me on the single bed but somehow in the middle of the night, we’ll swop and wake up with me on the floor and she on the bed! They need to go back to their rooms!

The 3 bubs are in love with One Direction, constantly asking to listen to One Thing and What Makes You Beautiful. Ma bought them the concert DVD and they watch it very frequently. Gigi will sing into an imaginary mike!

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