July 31, 2012

Let the feasting begin!

It’s birthday week and the celebrations kicked off with lunch today at Zafferano with Jane, Germaine and Rena.

The original plan was Absinthe but they only had outdoor seating available. The weather has been so warm lately so I suggested Zafferano after reading about them recently. The in-thing here has been rooftop restaurants with a view and this is located on the 43rd floor of Ocean Financial Centre.

As they are newly opened, they have a lunch special going at $33++ in July and August, which is a pretty good deal considering it consists of an Italian antipasti and dessert buffet with a choice of main, much like Level 33.

The spread of appetisers was quite extensive with an assortment of salads, cold cut meats and cheeses. I helped myself to generous servings of squid and prawn salad, crab meat, chicken and walnut salad, roast beef carpaccio etc.

For my main, I decided to try the veal scallopini, while Rena and Jane opted for cod. Germaine had the salmon. When the mains arrived, the cod was overdone, I think they had left it too long on the warmers while waiting for us to finish our appetizers that they got very rubbery and dry and hence we sent back to the kitchen.

While waiting for new servings, the waiter provided Jane and Rena with salmon cones, cute.

My scallopini was alright, I’ve never ordered it before anywhere so I can’t really compare but I did find the sauce a little salty.

There was enough variety in the dessert spread, portions are small but at least there are options. Had a fruit salad, cream brulee, jelly, banana cake, cheesecake and chocolate cake.

A pity about the restaurant’s view though, the tables don’t come right up to the glass windows hence you can’t admire much whilst eating. They have a deck area suitable for events but it only takes up to 80 pax.

Germaine came back from Seoul recently and handed out some face masks. She also brought kueh she’s been keeping for over a week. She had taken them from a wedding but did not refrigerate the buggers and mould had started growing…she still had the cheek to offer, haha!

Thanks for the lovely lunch ladies, and the pressie and card!

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