July 22, 2012

N is for...

…Nolan and Nachos.

The Dark Knight Rises opened on Thursday and this was the much-anticipated last instalment of the trilogy from Christopher Nolan. We caught a 10.30pm at Vivo last night with Swana, Kevin, Flea and Kenny.

I couldn’t remember what happened in the last movie, I know that was the one with Heath Ledger as The Joker…but that’s about it. Couldn’t remember anything of the plot…that’s me and movies, I forget what I watched a couple of weeks after.

Anyway, this current movie is set 8 years after the last one and Batman has more or less retired and Bruce Wayne has turned into a recluse. Suffice it to say, he comes out of retirement to save Gotham yet again, this time from the evil Bane.

Though it was a tad long, about 2hr 45 mins, I enjoyed the movie, especially Anne Hathaway’s depiction of Catwoman and I wasn’t expecting the plot twist in the end so overall, good movie! 4 popcorns out of 5!

The experience was somewhat marred by Nick receiving a call from Wendy just as the credits rolled. Nat had woken up to find us missing and panicked, asking for us for an hour before Wendy caved and called to check where we were. Need to toughen that one up!

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