July 28, 2012

Riley is 5!

The girls and I spent a quiet morning at home while Nick played footie. We cut our hair yesterday, Nat’s locks have been chopped off to her shoulder. Sasha refused to get anything done, and in the end I trimmed her fringe myself.

Nick brought Gigi and Nat back after Chinese class and then we all went together to Simei.

Riley turns 5 tomorrow and the Jays celebrated with a small party at Savannah CondoPark. The location was by one of the BBQ pits so I was anticipating a cookout but it turned out they were only using the space and food was a combination of ordered, delivered and homemade.

It was just us few people, those with kids and immediate family. Nat was too excited to see her cousins after a long time and I had to chase after her to feed her, while Wendy fed Sasha who preferred to sit on the sidelines.

Nat was also all over Reagan, holding her hand and hugging her, she loves babies!

The Danams were a bit late but kudos to Sarah, she sat and ate her dinner like a good little girl before she joined the playing.

There was a moment of panic when one minute Nat was playing behind me and I turned around to scoop her food while chatting to some of the folks at the table, and the next minute she had disappeared from under my nose! Nick gave me an accusing look, I think he was about to get a coronary!

I found her soon enough, walked one round towards the pool and there she was lounging with Riley on a deck chair, supervised by Jeanette who thought we had seen her leading Nat away. Nat received a lecture anyway about not telling us when she wandered off and I hope she remembers that for next time!

Cake was a lovely pink and white concoction courtesy of Kavi, there was a handbag and butterflies, totally girly which the kids all loved.

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