July 21, 2012

SES Reunion 2012

Held a mini SES reunion at home today after finding out Joyce was in town with her family. It was a cosy gathering, just me, Adri and Camellia, Susan, Joanne and Joyce with Cassandre.

Joyce is looking good, and Cassandre is sooooo pretty. Joanne was meeting Cammy for the first time and terrorised her by insisting on taking lots of pictures!

I had provided chicken rice and we were supposed to split the cost of pizzas, while Susan contributed dessert but that woman bought more than just desserts from Obolo, stopping by Gastronomia to pick up a prawn and asparagus salad, cous cous and chilli con carne. She must have spent a bomb...thanks Susan!

As host, I found that I didn’t really get to chat much with them because I also had to check on Nat and Sasha. Though the time was short, it was still good to see everyone and may we meet again soon!

We had quite a bit of leftovers so I cancelled plans to eat at Verve Pizza in Marina and just stayed home for dinner and we could see the helicopter flypast. We did proceed with our plans to catch NDP rehearsal fireworks and Nick kindly dropped us near the promontory and waited nearby as parking was a bitch.

Nat and Sasha were freaked by the sound, they didn’t cry but they didn’t enjoy it much, covering their ears most of the time. I had forgotten how loud they are up close! My shots were all blur because Nat was clinging to me and not sitting still, but I managed to record a short video.

Nat fell asleep in the car on the way back and Sasha puked from the long car ride…Daddy had driven almost to Changi to try and lull Nat to sleep!

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