July 24, 2012

Sick kids

The girls have been sick the past couple of days with a cold and cough, Nat started with a fever on Sunday which immediately had Nick on guard but I made him listen to me and not give her any fever meds before he left for India yesterday morning and by the afternoon, the fever had gone and she was left with a blocked nose and slight cough.

Sasha had similar symptoms and we’ve been self-medicating at home with a mixture of Prospan, Sinupret and Flumicil. Was on leave today to bring Aunty Sarda for her appointments, she’s due to start radiation next week and today we agreed with the doctor to hold off chemo and see how she takes to the radiation treatment.

I managed to put the kids to bed by 9.15 pm and was about to leave the house for a quick drink with the gang at Timbre for Kenny’s birthday when Sasha puked on me while coughing, not such a bad thing since it got rid of her phlegm.

I made it to Timbre Arts House by 10 and was home by 11.45 having only 1 drink, so kwai! Kenny had a lot of drinks to down, remind me not to celebrate my birthday in a place where people can tekan you with lots of booze!

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