July 20, 2012

Surprise Ben!

It was Ben’s birthday today and Wendy planned a small surprise for him at Amah’s house. We brought the kids and Ma tagged along with Gigi.

It was a challenge for us to reach AMK by 6.45pm, Nick got stuck in traffic and by the time we actually reached it was past 7pm. Wendy managed to buy time by tapauing food and had given him all sorts of excuses on why they had to go to Amah’s house after mass.

We had to remember not to leave our shoes outside the door and Nick even went to the trouble of parking away from Amah’s house.

The kids couldn’t contain their excitement as Ben’s arrival approached, I feared he would hear their giggling and footsteps from outside but he was genuinely surprised when he walked through the door!

Wendy had ordered pizza and Popeye’s and while killing time, had tapaud rojak, popiah and fried rice. For the cake, she had baked madeleines and formed them into the letter B.

The kids were of course excited to blow out candles, and Wendy had a new toy for them to play with – wax capsules containing sponge animals that they had to dissolve in water.

Gigi really knows how to suck up, she commented “I’m so happy to come and see Uncle Ben!” before leaving.

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