July 13, 2012

The week in review

It’s been a long, busy week to say the least!

Uncle Rajan and Aunty Sunset were in town earlier in the week for business and pleasure respectively so they came to visit Aunty Sarda on Monday. We had dinner together at Sin Hoi Sai, where Swana ordered a huge chilli crab and I duly whacked it!

Their kids are all so grown up, Dylan works in Melbourne, Dyan just graduated in chemical engineering and Jaclyn is studying to be a vet. I keep thinking of them as kids still, have vague memories of staying in their house in KL when we were younger.

Ha, Jo and Ray appeared in today’s papers for a Changi airport recruitment ad. Though their scene was supposed to depict a mother-son duo, it wasn’t very obvious maybe because her outfit looked a bit corporate plus the context of the ad was recruitment.

On Tuesday, I became a bak chang ‘agent’, parking myself at Baba’s house while various friends came to collect the bak chang I ordered on their behalf from my estranged aunt. I got to see Sook Han, Jeanette, Kenny, Felicia…proud Germaine sent her friend up instead of collecting in person!

When Adrienne came, I got to pass her part 2 of her present…a framed Cliff Richard autographed poster. Needless to say, she was thrilled!

On Wednesday, Nick left for Jakarta and I was on half day to bring Aunty Sarda for her radiation oncology appointment. After 2 days of not seeing me at night, Sasha was miffed at me, refusing my affections (Monday the kids slept at Membina, Tuesday I had bak chang collections).

So when she saw me in the afternoon, her anger disappeared and she allowed me to put her down for her nap. Found her a bit warm but decided against telling Nick about her fever, he wouldn’t be able to sleep in Jakarta!

Alicia’s parent’s came over to visit Aunty Sarda in the evening. Alicia and Zena are in town too but couldn’t make it after Zena fell asleep. Surprisingly, Sasha wasn’t scared of them despite her recent bout of stranger anxiety. The kids had a fun time with Archie and Seeyah!

On Thursday I collected the safety helmet I bought on eBay for Sasha…it’s called the ThudGuard but I have a feeling it’s going to be a white elephant, she refuses to wear it for long.

The work week was capped by a visit to KK’s children’s clinic today for Sasha. She’s been having a high fever since Wednesday but the doctor couldn’t find anything obviously wrong with her after checking her ears and testing a pee sample so we put it down to a viral fever. Hope she gets better soon…she's a trooper though, still dancing and jumping around despite temperatures rising above 39.5!

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