August 10, 2012

Chitty time

Brought the girls to Novena this morning for a quick prayer for Aunty Sarda and Amah, and then we made our way to Membina so I could catch some of Aunty Sarda’s visitors.

One of her very good friends who lives in London - Aunty Yvonne – comes to Singapore every August and yesterday I called her in the off chance that Aunty Sarda’s address book was updated and she was in town. She was upset to hear the news on Aunty Sarda’s condition and said she would visit today, and she did.

Oh, I think I haven’t mentioned yet that after the last hospitalization, it was discovered the tumour has already started growing back and by mutual agreement with the doctors, there will be no further treatment on Aunty Sarda. She herself doesn’t want to go through the radiation, and the doctors also feel it won’t help much and might make things worse. So now it’s a waiting game.

Aunty Yvonne still looks so youthful, her kids are 20 and 16 already, I still remember them as 6 and 2, for that’s how old they were when we stayed with them for a few days in London back in ’98.

After lunch, there were Chitty visitors from KL namely Uncle Ramesh and Ravi and their wives. It was nice to see them, last time would have been Jean’s wedding. Gigi was so shy with Uncle Ramesh who was teasing her about being her boyfriend. Before they left, she declared she liked the uncle with the moustache!

There was a pot luck gathering at Kaelash’s place in the evening, the kids re-enacted The 3 Little Pigs and even Sasha participated, she was so excited. Nat was fawning over Reagan, she wants a baby sister!

I volunteered to make tiramisu and made it last night. Borrowed a hand mixer from Aunty Malar and I was worried I had overbeaten the eggs but it all came together in the end.

As a first attempt, I was really pleased with it. Followed a recipe online but I had added cointreau so the chocolate powder and orange flavour went well together. But my espresso wasn’t strong enough so the coffee taste was missing. I shall strive to perfect it! But texture-wise it felt really authentic, the sponge fingers were just nice, not dry and not oversoaked and the cream was smooth.

The whole tray was finished in a few minutes, I think they liked it!

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