August 24, 2012

Happy birthday Swana!

It’s the big sis’ birthday and last night, Kavi, Manju, John and I surprised her at Membina, hiding in her kitchen when she came home from dinner with Kevin…classic shocked expression!

We took the day off today to utilize the birthday presents we ‘bought’ each other…massages on Groupon! She borrowed our car since Nick’s away and we headed to Goodwood to redeem the vouchers we bought at Spa Rael.

We each had a 90 min session comprising a scrub and massage. I don’t have an appreciation for spas and massages, they do not relax me, and the last massage I did was probably 2 years ago.

The experience today didn’t change my mind, I found it painful more than anything. The scrub was alright but the painful pressure made me tense up which the masseuse mistook as knots in my shoulder which led her to press harder and me to tense up further!

At last the ‘ordeal’ was over and they tried to hard sell us some packages which we politely declined and scooted out of there!

We had a late lunch at Arteastique at Mandarin Gallery, love the blue floral wallpaper. Ordered their tea for 2 set and had ourselves a relaxing afternoon sitting by the window and eavesdropping on the brainless conversation next door between a pretty girl and her groupie best friend. Basically she was torn between 2 men!

H&M was next, Sham was off and came to meet us. I bought a few things including terry cloth robes for the girls. Then we headed to Wilkie to pick up cousin Jean from Malacca and her 2 munchkins Matthew and Megan. Her husband was in town for NATAS and she decided to tag along and surprise Ma and Aunty Sarda.

And boy were they pleasantly surprised when we showed up with Jean!

Sasha was anti-social towards her Malaccan cousins but Nat and Gigi played and ate with Megan and Matthew. The kids whacked the macaroons that topped Swana’s Centre Ps cake.

I’m well on the way to being sick, been trying to fend off a sorethroat and cold since Thursday afternoon but with the kids sneezing and coughing into my face, it was only a matter of time…

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