August 3, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me! I now consider myself to be in my mid-thirties, man I’m old! The kids woke me up with a card they had signed off and offered me a Lego cake, so sweet.

Finally I could carry my pressie, the Mulberry mini Bayswater in hot fuchsia. It’s hard to match, so I paired it with the B&W DVF Greer dress, which I have been saving for a special occasion.

The boy also surprised me with some purple roses yesterday, he gets an A for effort even though they were the wrong kind! I like the natural lilac-coloured ones, but he bought bright dyed ones. At least he didn’t pay a bomb, drove to Far East Flora to select from the cold room and all.

For once I actually worked on my birthday instead of taking leave. But my boss was kind enough to let me work from home in the afternoon when he found out what day it was so I took up his offer.

Stopped by at the hospital on the way home though, Aunty Sarda was admitted last night after appearing very weak and unresponsive yesterday. She’s much improved today so I think she should be discharged soon. The docs know about her reluctance to go through the radiotherapy so will see what they say after they review her latest scans.

Before I reached home, I had to make a pit-stop at Raeburn Park to collect Sasha’s bumblebee neck pillow. Nick had flung it onto the roof of their utility room last night to teach the kids a lesson…they were fighting and crying over it on the way home from Membina. I called the building management and asked for help to retrieve it for me and they kindly obliged.

While I was there, I decided to tapau lunch from Parco Caffe. Ordered a prawn and zucchini pasta, it was nicely al dente and buttery but could have done with more prawns instead of just 3.

I fell asleep while waiting for ma to come over with the kids, waking just in time to get ready for my dinner with Nick. It started raining just as I left the house, dinner was at Pollen, Gardens by the Bay.

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