August 20, 2012

Hari Raya holiday

It was a public holiday today because of Hari Raya yesterday and the bubbas had a fulfilling day playing with their cousin and visiting the in-laws.

Aunty Sarda’s doing really well, she called me at home this morning and could chit chat a bit. She found my number in her address book and dialled all on her own, such progress!

We went to Membina in the morning where an impromptu playdate was organised and I brought tiramisu I made last night. Ben and Wendy came to visit Aunty Sarda and so did Uncle Baba and Aunty Betty who were in town for the weekend. It was Uncle Baba’s birthday coincidentally.

We all had lunch at Membina and the kids entertained themselves by playing musical chairs and duck walk.

In the evening, we went to Ben’s place for dinner and checked out a little of Punggol Waterfront, looks nice, must explore more. While everyone hung out at Ben’s, I popped by Punggol to visit an ex-colleague for Hari Raya with some of the other SSC ex-colleagues.

Nick picked me up once done and methinks the kids are falling sick. Sasha was queasy in the car…

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