August 9, 2012

Hot Hort Park

Our plans to spend the morning at West Coast Park was thwarted when we found the carpark full, some church was having it’s family fun day so we decided to go Hort Park instead.

Nat had been so looking forward to the zip line at West Coast but forgot her disappointment as soon as she saw the fish at Hort Park. She and Sasha were happy enough to just hang around the entrance and admire the fish, but I wanted to check out the park…never been beyond its function rooms.

We kept stopping en route to the playground, the kids got distracted by the swings and vegetable gardens. I enjoyed seeing the ladyfinger and brinjal plants and asparagus roots.

We spent awhile at the playground, the sun was so hot but the girls had their hats and didn’t seem bothered.

I saw lots of lovely butterflies, and discovered they have a small butterfly enclosure which is only open on the last Saturday of every month, will try to come again soon. There was one yellow and black butterfly that was so huge, I thought it was a bird at first. The body is the size of my finger!

Also spotted what looked like a green dove or pigeon on buah ceri (muntingia) trees that were very accessible…I hope there are ripe ones to pluck the next I come.

Checked out the ARC mall at Alexandra after the park, I wanted to buy stroopwafels from a waffle shop I read about. At least I know where I can get supplies regularly, though the other day I bought jumbo ones from Watsons.

There was a Hock Lam beef noodle shop on the second floor and that’s where we ended up for lunch. Surprisingly they had kids meals comprising a bowl of noodles, fries and Yakult. It was Nat’s first time trying beef noodle soup and she loved it, couldn’t get enough of the soup.

Sasha had rice but devoured all the broccoli that came with it and my xiao bai chye too, I really won’t be surprised if she grows up vegetarian!

Mildred and Kaelash & company came over in the evening to watch the National Day Parade while I baked sugar cookies for the first time. The kids helped to decorate, this first batch is really messy but they taste good, though a bit too sweet for me. I completely missed watching the parade though!

I made bolognaise for dinner and Ma came over from Geylang bearing kebayas for Nat and Gigi. Our little Nonyas are too cute!

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