August 17, 2012

Merayaping in Marina

My boss remembered he owed me a birthday lunch so I picked The Exchange across the road, and we roped in 2 other colleagues whom we hadn’t caught up with in a while.

I ordered a spring chicken main, not quite what I was expecting because I had assumed it to turn out differently based on the description but it came fried, salty and the veggies were a little sparse.

After lunch, I went to check out a gift fair at MBS and since my boss said I didn’t have to go back to work after that, I jalaned towards Suntect to collect something from Groupon. Along the way, I finally got to try out the Helix Bridge and when I reached Millennia, I bumped into Yvonne on her smoke break!

Made my way to Membina after Groupon and met another Yvonne! Aunty Yvonne was there to visit Aunty Sarda again and this time I took a picture of them together for old time’s sake.

I took her number down too in case I make it to London end-Sep, there’s talk of a marketing team gathering. But whether I make it depends on Aunty Sarda’s condition, at the moment she is doing well and is so much better with the steroid meds, she can joke and make fun, and addresses us when she speaks to us, her voice is not so weak. Very happy.

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