August 1, 2012

O is for...


The London 2012 Olympics opened last week and we’ve been catching some of the action on and off on TV.

Singapore’s women’s table tennis team scored a silver in the last games and are targeting 2 medals this time round. And 1 is in the bag now, we just watched Feng Tianwei beat her Japanese opponent to win a singles bronze medal. So exciting! And nice to see the Singapore flag being raised.

I think the majority of the country were rooting for her, despite the debate on whether we should be relying on foreign talent to help us excel in sports. I feel that whenever Singapore is represented, no matter whether a local or instant citizen, we should get behind the individual or team.

Singapore wouldn’t be where it is today without our immigrant forefathers, people always forget that.

The recent influx has caused some discord and should have been better managed by the government in terms of numbers, infrastructure and assimilation but at the end of the day, many of them are here to do the work Singaporeans shun and forge a better life for themselves.

I’ll admit I have my grouses too, mainly when it comes to language and cleanliness. If everyone would just learn some basic English, pick up after themselves and respect personal and public spaces, things would be so much better!

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