August 18, 2012

Prison break!

Headed to Membina early, Swana and I took Aunty Sarda out to run a banking errand at Great World, it’s the first non-hospital outing she’s had in over 2 months! Prison break!

After sending her home, the kids followed us to Chinatown where Swana had to collect some vouchers and we tried the car lifts at the OG carpark, the kids were most chuffed.

Had lunch at Membina but out of nowhere Nat developed a fever and so she skipped Chinese class as a precaution. It was a mild on though so we ventured to Vivo for dinner and I ended up eating the kids’ leftovers. They played at the 2nd floor playground for a bit, Sasha wanted to sleep in a tunnel!

Because I didn’t have much of a dinner, the boy and I headed out for supper at Food Street after the kids slept. Most of the stalls were closing already, I had a fairly decent Hokkien mee.

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