August 1, 2012

Sasha at 28 months

The tantrums that Sasha used to throw the previous month seem to have died down, thank goodness! She’s much better behaved, but can still cry for no reason. She’s adapted to all the visitors Aunty Sarda has and no longer cries when she sees new faces…at least for now. She even proclaims, “I see all the uncle and aunties, I don’t cry anymore. I’m a brave girl.”

I wake her up to pee about twice a night, there were a couple of accidents so I resorted to putting the diapers on for the night, but they usually stay dry till morning.

She can sorta sooth herself to sleep, I don’t need to pat her. I’ve folded up her playpen so she now sleeps on a mattress on the floor, which she is relishing. She will rub her bolster and fall asleep by herself. She’ll even chase me away if I lie next to her, “Not here Mummy, your place is over there,” pointing to the bed.

She’s at the parrot phase, repeating everything we say, down to Nick’s ‘wah lau eh’ that he said once in the car. She talks like a mak nenek, never fails to crack me up. She loves to make funny faces and roll her eyes, and amuses herself by poking her nose and doing a wiggle.

She’s sometimes curious about babies in stomachs, she saw my maternity shots and knows she was in there. She’s taken to putting her dolls under her t-shirts pretending to be pregnant.

For some strange reason, she loves vegetables, the crunchier the better. She can eat raw celery and cucumber sticks, last month she tried bitter gourd and loved it. Sometimes she spits out her meat, but veggies she never refuses!

Nat is still in a bridal phase. She wants us to call her Aunty Melissa, especially when we need to summon her. She’ll pretend her blankets are wedding gowns and Gigi her groom. She and the rest are hooked on a show called Zoom, Zim, Zam which teaches them phonics. Kavi produced the show so we’re all proud of her!

Nat is still reading by memorising, she can recognise words like ‘mouse’, ‘house’, ‘ball’ and read short sentences like ‘we all play ball’ and ‘mouse on house’, thanks to Dr Seuss. She loves to help me when I bake, I think we’ll make some cookies soon. Nick wants to cultivate that interest in cooking in her.

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