August 31, 2012


I don’t know what bug the kids are harbouring, but it seems to be back-to-back viruses. First it was Nat who had fever for a day on 18 Aug, then Sasha’s turn the next day before they both developed cold symptoms lasting a week, though Sasha had a worse cough.

Just when I thought they were recovering, I picked up the bug, Nick went away to Vienna and they had new fevers the following weekend. I brought Sasha to a doc on 25th, and consulted for myself too. Though her chest sounded really congested, her lungs were clear and her fever disappeared within the day.

Then the next day on the 26th, Nat suddenly developed a fever and puked her dinner several times. Nick was still in Vienna and knowing how he gets, I brought Nat to KK immediately and dragged Sasha along.

The doctor concluded stomach flu for Nat and prescribed lots of medications for the two of them, including antibiotics to help stop the coughs but I wasn’t convinced on the diagnosis. Count the bottles!

I didn’t give them the antibiotics in the end and am just waiting for Sasha’s cough to go away on its own. But today she broke out in a rash in the afternoon and it spread all over her body, probably an allergic reaction to something because it disappeared after a while. But I don’t know what she was allergic to, possibly the frozen halibut she had for lunch because that was the only new thing she tried.

Today was also the first time Nat went to school in 2 weeks, but it was the last day before term break. They’d better get well soon, am so tired from all the interrupted sleep and holding the fort while the boy was away.

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