August 12, 2012

Breakfast at Parco Caffe

The kids woke up super early today, like at 7am so I suggested to go for an 8.30am mass at St Teresa’s and do brunch afterwards at Parco Caffe.

Sasha has been in a super friendly mood of late. As we walked from the carpark to the restaurant, we bumped into the estate’s cleaning supervisor and she greeted him “Hello Uncle! Where are you going? You like my dress?” and he stopped to have a conversation with her.

She was excited to be back at her birthday restaurant, we were the only ones there at 9.45am. She kept greeting Balan, I think he’s a manager now, with “Hello Uncle!” every time he walked past.

Wendy ordered a burger, Nick a pizza but I chose something breakfast. Opted for the Benny, comprising 2 poached eggs on foccacia, hollandaise sauce, parma ham, Jerusalem artichoke chips and cold gazpacho.

Only after I left did I realise I didn’t see any gazpacho on my plate, I guess they missed it out. No matter, I was full enough from the eggs and toast. I can’t say I’d ever tried Jerusalem artichoke before, they are actually a type of tuber, so it was like eating tapioca chips but nicer.

I ordered a side of hashbrowns and waffles for the girls, but they preferred Daddy’s pizza.

The hashbrown came decorated with flowers...something Balan had asked the chef to do because he knew I would be taking pictures! How thoughtful, as always, service here is excellent!

As soon as we got home, I baked another batch of sugar cookies, using the leftover dough from Thursday. Napped while they cooled and when we woke up, I started decorating a few to bring to AMK. But I did less than 10 before Nick rushed us out.

Continued once I got home, painstakingly spreading the icing as neatly as I could…quite happy with this batch! They taste a whole lot better than the plasticky things Breadtalk were selling last Christmas, shall make some Xmas tree ones in December.

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