August 5, 2012

Swissotel Staycation

It’s been awhile since we visited the Studio Loft so I made it a point to schedule a shoot yesterday. Sasha has grown so much since the last session we had, I just had to capture her toddler face.

Prices have gone up, can’t do too many sessions as I please, probably once every 2 years just to capture their growth.

I brought a few matching outfits for the girls, the dopes are in Bandung so Gigi tagged along too. They didn’t really cooperate, it was so hard to get them to smile, especially Sasha.

In the end, there weren’t as many shots taken as I would have liked, and the kids have their mouths open too wide in many of them, because they kept shouting ‘Koh Samui’!

I bought a Groupon voucher for an outdoor session with a different company, planning to go end of next month. If their pictures turn out nice, I’ll consider using them more next time. Fingers crossed.

After the shoot, it started raining so to pass the time, we had lunch at a restaurant serving Chengdu cuisine. Then it was on to Swissotel the Stamford, I had booked a room with Albert’s help - mainly to see the NDP preview fireworks with the kids.

The kids ran riot in the room, jumping on the bed and ooh-ing and ah-ing at the view. They were so psyched to be in a hotel, but soon enough Nat and Gigi had to leave for Chinese class.

While they were away, Sasha and I napped and when Gigi and Nat returned, we ventured to the Raffles City food court for dinner before returning to the room with a cake purchased from Epidor.

Did the requisite cake-cutting and candle blowing before the girls had a quick bubble bath. And then we waited for the fireworks! A bit of a disappointment actually, the wind blew the smoke in our direction and the smoke also muted the display. But still, the kids had fun and that’s all that matters.

I was left with my 2 cranky bubs when Nick left to send the rest home. Took a while to calm Sasha down, she wanted Wendy and Lita. Finally managed only for her to start crying again when she fell and hit her head on a side table…,my fault for not keeping an eye on her, I had only left her momentarily to make Nat’s milk. I shudder to think how close her eye was to the table’s sharp corner…

Eventually managed to put both to sleep, Sasha roused again when she heard Nick come back. So different she is from Nat. On one hand, Nat loves the hotel and doesn’t want to go home while Sasha keeps saying “ I want to go home!”

They both woke up super early this morning, by 7.20am and we caught the sun rising above Suntec.

Originally the room didn’t come with breakfast, but thanks to Albert’s connections they had included breakfast for us.

Ate at Café Swiss, there was a large spread but the girls chose to eat chocolate muffins. I didn’t do the buffet justice, we were too busy making sure the girls ate. We went to check out the pool after, but the water was chilly so we discouraged them from swimming.

Instead. Nick went to Suntec to check on his travel fair set-ups while I entertained the kids in the room. Rather they entertained themselves spinning on the office chair.

We checked out as soon as Nick came back, Nat was so reluctant to leave and her Daddy has promised her another stay. He’s so soft with her! I shall ask her to request for the Ritz, ha ha.

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