August 23, 2012


Met Jane for lunch yesterday to pass her the tarts she ordered and we decided to try a new Japanese/Hawaiian restaurant I read about recently called Aloha Ma Maison since it was near her office.

The interior was all surfboardish and there were lots of Japanese housewives and kids patronising the restaurant. She ordered a salmon with rice locomoco and I had a prawn coconut curry with rice. Truth be told, I didn't detect any coconut in the curry, tasted like regular Japanese curry.

Still it was a nice change from local or western food, though it felt more Japanese than Hawaiian, although I really cannot compare having not been to Hawaii!

The set lunch cost about $20 bucks but came with soup, juice and pancakes for dessert. I would go back to try the other dishes, maybe one day when Nick or Joanne are free for lunch since it's near them.

Baked a cake at night, experimenting with a lemon pound cake. Very pleased, it was moist and the icing was lemony...I can eat a whole loaf myself! Followed this recipe, except I used smaller moulds and baking time was about 45-55 mins and I added a dash of light corn syrup to my icing.

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