September 2, 2012

Aunty Sarda gets out again!

Went to Vivo for lunch after mass and ended up at No Signboard because the kids wanted to see the fish tanks. We ordered ee-fu noodles and dim sum and my very pink daughters then ran around the deck outside.

In the evening we stayed home and were bored because Nick had a work dinner. But then I found out Swana had brought Aunty Sarda to Gardens by the Bay and so we went to join them at Canele at the Supertree Grove.

They were halfway through dinner, I ordered a scallop salad to supplement the instant pizza I had for dinner. The dressing was tasteless and disappointing but the prices are reasonable.

I missed the nightly sound and light show but Nat and Sasha caught it, though the pumpkin didn’t stay long, it scared her. She refused to walk thereafter and I had to carry her the rest of the evening.

Nat and Gigi were in their element posing, wished I had brought my tripod!

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