September 24, 2012

F1 Rocks!

It was all about the F1 this weekend as the racers rolled into town. I had Zone 4 Walkabout Tickets, bought with Jane and Rena but Jane couldn’t go at the last minute. Our focus this year was the concerts, namely Maroon 5 on Saturday and Katy Perry on Sunday.

Met Rena on Saturday for Maroon 5, along with my colleague Cheryl who bought over Jane’s ticket for that day.

Caught a glimpse of the qualifying session (yay Lewis!) but parked ourselves at the Padang after a few minutes in anticipation of the crowd. Found a spot in the first third of the field, which was as near as we could get without trampling on people.
The concert started promptly at 11pm, Adam Levine is yummy! And his voice is so unique, swoon. I thought I would only recognise 4-5 songs, but I actually knew practically everything he sang such as Payphone, Sunday Morning, Harder to Breathe, One More Night, This Love, She Will Be Loved, Moves Like Jagger etc.
From where we stood, he was tiny but he sounded good live, engaging with the crowd and I hear there were at least 50,000 people there! I especially liked his mash up of Don’t You Want Me / Sexy Back.

It was a good concert, I had fun…wished we were closer. If they came again, I would consider going.

Last night was the Katy Perry gig and the race itself of course. The in-laws came over for dinner and Wendy was off. I made lasagne and a rainbow cake and rushed off after dinner to locate Rena.

Eventually found her at the Cenotaph and we tried to find a good spot. It was slightly closer than the day before but again, she was tiny!

She had a race theme going on, dressed in a racing dress, her dancers carried chequered flags and it was energetic. Her backdrops just popped with colour and she made use of the stage runway to get close to her fans.
She sang Peacock, I Kissed a Girl, Firework, E.T, Part of Me, Teenage Dreams, California Gurls etc. It was good but I think I enjoyed Maroon 5 more, probably because of Adam!

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