September 4, 2012

Gigi is officially 4!

My rascally niece turned 4 today and to celebrate, the Spicy Girls watched a play and had a little party at Membina.

I took half day to accompany Nat to “The Cat in the Hat” at SRT, along with Jeanette and Riley, Swana and Gigi, Kenny and Sarah & Kavi and Ananya.

Sat in the cheap seats, the play was very short, just over 30 mins so I was a little disappointed. But the kids had fun though I think Nat wasn’t very impressed.

Afterwards we took a walk along the river in search of ice cream for the kids but many outlets were closed. Ended up at Laurent Bernard Chocolatier where the kids satisfied their ice cream craving.

I ordered a coconut and hazelnut doublescoop for myself but couldn’t taste a damn thing thanks to the lingering flu. I heard the coconut was really good, all I tasted was sugar. Swana and Jeanette ordered some delicious-looking lemonades which I must try when I recover.

At Membina, I tried to take a quick snooze and it turned into an hour’s nap! Woke up just in time to see Gigi cut the first of her 2 birthday cakes, a Tinkerbell chocolate mint one, the kids played musical chairs before that. Sasha was determined to feed herself her cake and did a very good job of it.

Other adults started arriving, Aunty Diana made cutlets and I managed to get the rough list of ingredients from her so I can start experimenting soon. Ann brought her boyfriend Richie, they had missed the McDonald’s party because he was sick. He seems like a nice guy, those two are so cute together….ah, young love.

Gigi cut a second cake for the adults, this time a Belle one and the kids then played Passing the Parcel. For some reason, Ma boycotted the party after Swana offended her earlier in the day…she must have been really miffed!

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