September 1, 2012

Gigi's Mc4th!

To usher in Gigi’s 4th birthday, her parents decided to throw her a McDonald’s party at Queensway and there was an unofficial yellow theme, which of course I took seriously!

I was in a lemony mood and decided to bake some lemon shortbread cookies too, using a recipe from here and following the instructions for the lemon melt-in-your-mouth variation.

I overmelted and overbeat my butter though and my dough didn’t form properly, leading me to add extra flour to get the texture decent but losing some sweetness.

Decided to go ahead and try baking the batch, but because of my cold, I couldn’t really tell if they had any taste and added some lemon icing just in case. But the texture was melt-in-your-mouth, but could have done with more lemon flavour. Overall quite pleased.

Joanne and Rayhan came over before the party to hitch a ride, Sasha and Rayhan were so matching!

Aunty Sarda made it to the party, she’s really starting to get a bit more active, which is swell!

Aunty Susie brought her 3 Govinden grandsons, haven’t seen them in ages…they’ve grown so much! Lukey has a earring, Troy has put on weight! At one point, Nick was chatting with them and then Luke asked aloud who Nick was, only for his brothers to inform him Nick was his Godpa! That’s how long we haven’t seen them, they don’t even remember us!

The party itself was a bit chaotic, the facilitators from McDonalds were a bit flustered and stern, not very smiley as they took orders and I think a bit scary for the kids! Still the kids mostly behaved and listened to instructions. Nat didn’t want to take part in the games but I helped Sasha along, getting quite competitive to ensure she won prizes!

There was a Rapunzel cake from Bengawan which the little girls oohed and ahhh-ed over.

The turtle and fish pond provided some entertainment for the kids but there was a moment when Nat tripped and nearly fell into it, which totally freaked her out and that called our evening to an end!

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