September 12, 2012

Ladies in Waiting

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aka Will & Kate are in town as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and I’ve been guilty of ‘stalking’ them!

I had a dinner appointment with Adrienne yesterday, who hung around the Istana hoping for a glimpse before their state dinner but their car windows were darkened. We were supposed to meet at Bugis but changed our dinner venue to City Hall at the last minute so we could be in the ‘zone’ in case we decide to stake out Raffles Hotel where they were staying.

Had ramen at Raffles City and bumped into ex-SESer David. He paused to chat for a while and after we finished our noodles, we walked around Robinsons before receiving a tip-off that they would be arriving back at the hotel at 9ish. We didn’t have to think twice, we made our way to the hotel immediately to chope a good viewing spot. 

We ended up waiting for over an hour but it was worth it! We were right at the railings when they both alighted from their car and gave the small crowd little waves and smiles. Kate was in a gorgeous Prabal Gurung dress and Will is so tall.
This morning, Ma tried her luck, dragging the kids with her because Nat wanted to see the princess too. They caught a fleeting glimpse, their backs were turned most of the time because they stopped to chat with some kids but it was still a thrill. Wendy got a good shot from her phone!

Had lunch with my colleague Aaron, promised to buy him lunch before he moved to Australia and he suggested Red Star which I seized upon as it’s been on my list of places to try. 

The restaurant is quite retro, hasn’t been renovated since the 80s I think but that adds to its charm. The food goes around in trolleys and despite my blocked nose, I thought the food was pretty good and I would definitely go back again.

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