September 27, 2012

London Calling (Day 2, 26 Sep)

Guess where I am? Ipswich!

Never did I think I would ever come to this neck of the woods but this is where we are spending the next 2 days.

The whole of today was spent at our Paddington office where I finally got to meet the rest of the global colleagues. We did training all day and were stuck in a meeting room so I didn’t really get to see our headquarters.
I was caught dozing off at one point by a male colleague! Lunch was at the employee cafeteria…very nice, food was good though and very cheap. We rushed off in the late afternoon to board the tube from Paddington to Liverpool Street where we changed to the rail service to Ipswich.
Passed by the Olympic Stadium on the way, and saw a couple of rainbows too during the 1-hr plus ride. When we reached Ipswich, we boarded taxis to Pettistree House, a big country house that we are currently staying in. I am sharing with my colleague Sarah from Beijing, we volunteered as there were not enough rooms.
 A couple who live on a neighbouring property prepared dinner for us. They specialise in tapas and paella and everything they made was sooooo good, I kept topping up my plate!
The head of marketing made everyone write something bad/interesting about themselves anonymously and then we had to pick from the bowl and guess who wrote what. I couldn’t really think of anything and wrote that I used to own 150 pairs of shoes and the person who picked my paper was right in guessing me! Others had stolen and crashed their parents’ cars, been arrested etc…I’m such a boring person!
Some of the others stayed up to drink and chat but I retreated to the room to read…again, how boring am I?

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