September 28, 2012

London Calling (Day 3, 27 Sep)

It was a beautiful day in Ipswich, we’ve been really lucky with the weather.
This morning we had a half day session of briefings followed by eating yesterday’s leftovers for lunch. Then we hired taxis to take us to Skirmish Paintball, an outfit in the woods where we had a team-building activity.

Passed by some blackberry bushes as we walked into the woods, how nice to see them up close.
We had to sign indemnity forms and put on camouflage overalls, I looked horrible, especially since the girls had an extra vest to protect our ‘assets’ which made be look bulky, like a ninja turtle!
2 team captains were chosen and they chose the rest of their team mates. Felt like one of those reality shows, where you wish your name isn’t called last because that means nobody likes you…luckily was called somewhere in the middle! LOL.

I’ve never paintballed before so I didn’t really know what to expect. The guns are heavy and in this instance, we had a series of challenges to get through. Every round was about retrieving a flag and bringing it to your enemy’s base but our team didn’t really have a strategy.

My own strategy was to find the best place to hide the moment the game starts. I crouched behind branches and tree trunks but still got hit 3 times in the first round.

It was freaking pain, you know I am not the swearing kind, but in those moments after getting shot, I wanted to curse and swear! The pain is stinging as the bullets fly at 300 feet per second! I got whacked on my neck, bare skinned and also on my calves.

For the next 2 rounds, I did quite well, managing not to get hit or if I did, I didn’t really feel it thanks to the vest. But in the last round I got hit another time and gleefully surrendered.
The bruises were starting to show when we got back to Pettistree House.
After a quick shower, it was time to start preparing dinner. We had been divided into 4 teams to prepare appetisers, mains and desserts and I was in the dessert team. My team wanted to incorporate something Asian so I volunteered to make sago gula melaka and brought the ingredients with me from Singapore.
 My sago turned out well and so did the other dishes, there was a butternut squash risotto and spaghetti bolognaise, really good ‘spag bol’ as the others were calling it. The dessert team also made a blackberry apple crumble and Mexican flan but the flan did not set. 
One of my colleagues who’s danced salsa in competitions then proceeded to teach some of the girls some moves and then later, a few of us played a round of ‘Articulate’, a board word game somewhat like Taboo. That was fun, although I think I am better at guessing than describing! 

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