September 29, 2012

London Calling (Day 4, 28 Sep)

Am back in London, in another hotel called Park Grand London Hyde Park. After another half day session of discussions and brainstorming, we left Pettistree House at lunchtime to catch the train back to London.

Ate a sandwich on the crowded train and it stalled at one of the stops when a passenger had a medical emergency so we transferred to another train. Though my bag was lighter, I still struggled with it on the platforms and staircases especially when switching to the underground.

It was drizzling by the time I reached Paddington and I lugged my suitcase the 200m or so to the hotel in the rain. Found the room tiny, but at least it was clean and cosy. After a quick freshen up, I was out the door and on my way to Oxford St via bus, just a 5 min ride.
Went to see the horse head sculpture and Marble Arch up close before strolling down Oxford St. Went in and out of shops like Next, Dorothy Perkins, Mothercare, Monsoon, Marks & Spencer, Primark, Boots.
Didn’t really buy much as the fashions were already autumn/winter so I was a bit disappointed to end up empty handed. Just focused on the kids stuff and that was a tad more productive.
Primark was a like a pasar malam the way they lelong their prices, super cheap but quality questionable. Went into the food hall of Selfridges and found what I was looking for, also treated myself to a Pierre Herme macaroon.
I took the bus back and found a fish and chips shop to tapau dinner from. It was pretty cheap, £5.95 for a meal and I added a fish cake and mushy peas. Ate in the room and was appalled at a show I stumbled upon, “Spartacus…Blood and Sand”. The people were nekkid, full frontal for the women! Thought it was porn but it was actually a TV series!

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