September 30, 2012

London Calling (Day 5, Sep 29)

There must be something wrong with me because I spent half a day at an outlet village and didn’t buy anything much!

This morning I made my way to Marylebone Station to take the railway line to Bicester North where the Bicester Village outlet shops are located. The cost was £32 pounds and train ride was about 45mins followed by another 5min bus ride.
I arrived first thing when the shops opened and thanks to Nick’s PPS membership card, I was able to obtain a 10% VIP card usable at all the outlets except Prada. I was optimistic about buying something for myself but truth be told, I didn’t really need anything and thus when it came to browsing I wasn’t really into it.
I did buy a bunch of things at Cath Kidston but as mentioned before, all the clothes are now autumn/winter hence nothing appealed. There were some dresses at Coast but somehow or other, they didn’t fit properly. I think I need the petites. I was disappointed by the prices and range at DVF and Tory Burch which were small stores. Cheaper on eBay!

Towards lunchtime the shops started getting really crowded. I had narrowed down my choices to getting a Tod’s or a YSL bag and broke for lunch at Carluccio’s to mull it over.

I’ve seen Antonio Carluccio on TV so I was keen to try his food. They had a 2-course meal going for £9.95 which I felt was reasonable and I added a glass of Martini Moscato D’Asti…yummy.
I had a bruschetta and a Milanese di Pollo, a breaded chicken breast served with green salad. The bruschetta was really fresh and whet my appetite for more. The chicken was crispy yet moist but a tad tasteless so I think I should have tried one of the pastas instead.
After lunch I went back to Prada to help Swana get something, there was a queue to get in and the shop was overwhelmed by Chinese tourists who were snapping everything up!

It took 30 mins to pay and then I went back to Tod’s and YSL and decided against getting anything as the Tod’s bag was the last piece and there was a snag in it, plus I couldn’t justify spending $800 on a leopard print YSL easy bag which would be hard to match.

So I made my way back to London and got off at Bond Street and checked out Debenhams and John Lewis. Tried on a number of things, again they didn’t fit quite right because they were too long for my upper body. Bought some toiletries instead and rushed back to the hotel to change for dinner.

I had an appointment with Aunty Yvonne at York & Albany in Camden. It’s a Gordon Ramsay-owned restaurant which she had suggested. I was 15 mins late thanks to a delayed bus but managed to find the place easily enough.

I passed her my leftover sago ingredients so that they wouldn’t go to waste. The restaurant was really dark so I couldn’t take nice food shots.

Ordered Salt and Pepper Squid with Green Chilli and Lime for my starter and Roasted Cornish Cod, Shellfish Cassoulet Cherry Tomato Sauce for my main. I wouldn’t say the food was fantastic but it wasn’t bad either. 
We shared dessert, a lemon tart with raspberry ice cream which was refreshing and were stuffed by the end of the meal. She gave me a lift back and her car actually has a seat warmer function, which she calls the butt warmer! LOL!

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