September 15, 2012

Lasagne...take 1!

Met Rena and Jane for lunch yesterday to pass Rena her F1 tickets and I suggested Chin Chin after hearing about their Hainanese Pork Chop. We ended up ordering chicken rice and getting the pork chop and mixed vegetables as a side. Truth be told, the pork chop was disappointing, I think I’ve had better elsewhere.

Attempted a lasagne today, didn’t particularly follow any particular recipe but made the basics of my bolognaise and followed the instructions on the San Remo box for the cheese sauce and cooking instructions.

Turned out okay, but I think there was not enough cheese and I found it too meaty because I used 1kg of beef. Brought some to Membina where Kavi and Kaelash had gathered and they said it was good so happy with it overall.

It is the last day of 7th month so we left the kids at home and me and Nick went for mass at St Joseph before a pit stop at Phoon Huat and quick dinner at Suntec’s Qiji.
Once home, I decided to try my hand at chocolate macaroons but I think my proportions were not right, plus I overbeat my eggs to stiff peaks instead of soft and I ended up with chewy cookie cakes that looked nothing like macaroons. Still edible but ugly as hell!

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