September 9, 2012

Motoring Heritage

While driving past the railway station yesterday, we saw a bunch of vintage cars displayed and a small crowd gathered and wondered what event was on. A quick search revealed there was motoring heritage weekend called “Heritage Connects”.

We couldn’t not go, it was right on our doorstep!

That was why we went for mass yesterday so we could visit this morning. Nat insisted on wearing the plaid dress she wore for Gigi’s party and it went well with the retro cars. She was in a vain mood, posing with every other car!

One of the organisers invited Sasha to pose with any car she wanted and she went for the nearest one, she was a little hesitant of the stranger chatting her up but she overcame her fears and went ahead to stand in front of one convertible.

We bumped into our ex-neighbour Alex, his parents own the unit next to us. His son Ethan is 4, same as Nat.

There were some old-fashioned games one could try out, Nick tried to win some toys for the girls, but failed! So did I!

There was also a stall selling old-fashioned biscuits and sweets I remember from young….a wave of nostalgia hit me as I spotted packets of marbles, Doraemon chocolates and Hiro biscuit cake!

I regret not queuing for the free rides on the VW bus earlier, didn’t take note of the timings and by the time we wanted to, there was a 20 min wait and I didn’t want to hold the kids back from lunch so we headed to Great World for some grub and supermarket shopping.

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